It’s so awesome to just be able to scroll through my dash without having to worry about school or any other responsibility. Tumblr used to be a daily thing for me but life got so busy and I had to cut it out for a while. But while I was gone I took a summer class (the last accounting class I’ll ever have to take) which thank God, is over and I’m pretty sure I got an Ayyy. Work has been pretty awesome too, can’t complain about my job, the awesome customers, and chillin people I work with. I’ve also been making sure to have a lot of fun despite being busy, I went to hard summer and outside lands the friday right after, which were both amazing fucking experiences that I’ll never forget. So many mind-blowing performances, and I met so many great people. And tomorrow my best friend is coming up from L.A!! and she’ll be here every day until I’m off to Maui which coincidentally worked out perfectly.

Summer, how I love you so. 

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Tell me, what is it you plan to do with your one wild and precious life?

Mary Oliver 

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i left my pajamas at home but my grandma said she had something i could wear and then she brought back this

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